High Resolution Pictures

Is my picture good enough for Dye Sublimation Printing?

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To ensure that your images can be used in your shirts, please check the following:

  1. Dimension is more than
    • For Background images: 3,000 pixels / 30 inches in width or height
    • For Logos:  1,000 pixels / 3-5 inches in width or height (as placed on the shirt)
    • This is to ensure that pictures are not pixelated when stretched on the shirt (22.5 inches by 31 inches for XLarge size.
    • To check:
      1. View image on file explorer
      2. On the file, Right Click > Properties
      3. See Details tab
      4. Check Dimensions field
    • admin-howto-picture-dimension
  2. Another step is to view the file from Adobe Photoshop to see if the image you like fits the requirement in inches.



How to search high-res pictures in Google

  1. Go to Google Imageshttps://images.google.com/
  2. Search for the image you want.
    • Useful keywords are:
      • Wallpaper
      • high res
  3. Go to Tools
  4. Select SizeLarger than
  5. Choose any image that is 4 MP or above.admin-howto-search-images


Best files for Logos

1. Vector / Path format in Adobe Photoshop (.psd) or Illustrator (.ai, .eps) 

Sample Layered Vector
Sample Layered Vector
Sample Vector
Sample Vector

 Why do we need this?

  • Allows images to be stretched to large sizes
  • Allows recoloring of individual colors from the screen to the actual shirt.
    • Regular computer screen make use of RGB colors, while our Printers make use of CMYK colors