Our Dry Fit Fabrics are treated with UPF Sun Protection, Moisture Wicking, and Cool-Omni.



There are 4 different types of dry fit fabrics to choose from.

  1. Original Dry Fit – Regular Dry Fit Fabric (155 GMS)
  2. Light Weight Dry Fit – 30% lighter than the original, made with finer yarn material. Falls on the curves of the body. (114 GSM)
  3. Maxcool Dry Fit – Back Side features a mesh-like structure to enhance ventilation. Great for hot days! (163 GSM)
  4. Heatgear Dry Fit – Stretchable and softer.

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FOR Warmth

  1. Warmfit Dry Fit – Dry Fit fabric with fuzzy lining inside for chilly days (228 GSM)
    • Sleeve cuffs made with rubberized garter and non-slip silicone to keep the heat inside
    • Additional Php 500 / USD 12.50 to the base price of regular shirts

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